Just a Quick Update: Spent Today at Olympic Park!

It’s currently 11pm here and we just got back to the hotel from Olympic Park.  I’ve been up since 6am, since we had to head to the Athletics events fairly early this morning and weren’t sure how long it would take.  We have some amazing pictures that I want to share, but I have to shower and get to bed since we have to be back at Olympic Park tomorrow morning, so that will have to wait.

My husband’s cousin Brianne competed in heptathlon today, with two events in the morning session and two in the evening session.  As of right now, she’s sitting in 15th.  Another Canadian, Jessica Zelinka, is currently in 3rd place, which is also very exciting.

The morning session begins again at 10am, so I must be off to bed so that I can enjoy the full day.  I should be able to get some pictures up sometime Sunday, as we don’t currently have tickets for any events and only have plans to catch part of the women’s marathon.

Here’s one picture, though, until I can get some more uploaded…

Inside Olympic Stadium


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