Happy Family Day

To be clear, Family Day is a statutory l holiday where I live, not just a term I made up.

I would love to say that my family spent our day, Family Day, together, in harmony, but we didn’t. I had a major blowup at my daughter for her behaviour on our way out to breakfast. We called off the restaurant plans, I yelled a lot, and she subsequently had a cry fest in her bedroom. My husband had some work to finish up this afternoon, so he took our son and they hung out together, which was nice. During that time, I nursed a migraine at home while my daughter watched TV, after having TV taken away for several days when she refused to turn it off for bedtime Thursday night.

Family DayWe may not be perfect, but we are a family, and we do love each other. Perfection is an illusion. You never know what was going on before and after a “perfect” family portrait. I try hard not to compare myself and my family to others and am working on changing my thoughts and behaviours to make my life happier without regard for what’s going on in the house across the street or around the corner, and that’s really the key to happiness, isn’t it? Accepting what is and feeling gratitude for what you have.

I am grateful for my husband, who cleans, does dishes, folds laundry, shovels the driveway, coaches hockey, is building a construction business, and still loves me with all my “moods.”

I am grateful for my son, who always tells me I’m pretty, sneaks hugs and kisses whenever he can, has beautiful eyes, and lets his sister sleep in his room when she’s scared.

I am grateful for my daughter, who is sassy, smart, highly verbal, and so heart-achingly sweet sometimes that I catch my breath.

Want to be happier today? Take a few minutes to write down what you’re grateful for: your family, your job, your friends, that you’re alive. Whatever it is, appreciation for what you have will make you so much happier than striving for more.