Fit Bits for Friday

Swimming tips from Natalie Coughlin. []

What you need to run marathons. []

A happy weight calculator.  I make no claims regarding its accuracy. [Self]

How to tackle the swim start at Kona.  I can dream, right? []

How athletes, recreational or not, can be kinda crazy [New York Times]

4 weeks to a half-marathon? [Runner’s World]

Fit Bits for Friday, August 20, 2010

A few good reads to check out:

Fit Bits for Friday

Random tidbits I stumbled across this week.  Enjoy!

Maybe don’t believe recent headlines that fast weight loss is good [Trolden’s Weblog]

Love Gabby Reece.  She is FIT, and talks about appreciating what your body does! [Gabby Daily]

Be careful how you mix ibuprofen and exercise [Runner’s World]

Six nutrition tips to avoiding stomach pain during exercise/running []

Amputee veterans summit Kilimanjaro.  Pretty amazing!  Guess I can manage to use my TWO legs to get a run in today.  [Outside Online]

Fit Bits for Friday

Just a few random bits I stumbled across this week:

Hydration tips for runners at Runner’s World

The right way to warm up? at The New York Times

Dynamic stretching = good; static stretching = not so much at the Training Peaks Blog

But I really LIKE chocolate milk after a hard workout, so can I ignore this article from The New York Times?

Are side stitches related to what you eat? at Nancy Clark’s blog

Pros and cons of bike training indoors, when you need to beat the heat or escape the cold, at

Tips for transition area setup at Triathlon Magazine Canada

Just because I think Dara Torres is pretty amazing at Shape