Day 21 of 30: My Legs are Rubber

I’m in bed. It’s 9:30pm. I’m feeling a migraine coming on, but just took a couple of Advil and promise I’m going right to sleep as soon as I post this.

I’ve been feeling lousy the past several days. Could be a mild virus, or the fact that it’s been full-on winter cold here, or that I basically don’t see the sun at all, or that I’ve been working hard lately. Whatever. I just feel blah.

Well, I had a session scheduled with my trainer tonight, and even though I felt dead tired, I sure didn’t cancel. It was just what I needed to get my body going.

It was a tough workout. 2 separate circuits of 4 exercises, with each circuit repeated 4 times. It was all legs and included plyometrics. My heart rate was crazy high and my legs are now rubber. So, basically, it was great. Love that feeling, even though I know that trying to sit down on Saturday is going to be killer.

So now I’ve got a major headache, but I’m chalking that up more so to hormones and the sinus/tension headache that’s been nagging all week, and not so much to my workout. Basically, it’s time to invest in a humidifier and a visit to my massage therapist.

Leg workouts: love ’em or hate ’em?




Day 9 of 30: Getting Back Up

Friday was the kind of day where you get home and barely have the energy to get into bed. No workout, but I did four hours of painting. I didn’t food journal, either.

Yesterday, I continued slacking off. No food journal, no workout.

Today, I did a core workout and water was pretty good. What did I eat?

  • oatmeal with cinnamon, 3 tbsp raisins, vanilla, 1/3 c skim milk, and 1 tsp brown sugar
  • grande skinny peppermint mocha (love these!)
  • 1 can (2 servings) of clam chowder (I had a craving)
  • 1 mini Mars bar (Halloween leftovers)
  • 6 baby carrots
  • 2 c romaine lettuce with Caesar dressing
  • 1 slice homemade lasagna
  • 1 piece garlic bread
  • 1 Twisted shot (in celebration of the Riders win)
  • ripple chips and onion dip
  • 1 peppermint brownie

So clearly things went downhill as the day progressed, and, man, do I ever need to start eating more fruits and veggies.

My eating plan tomorrow?

  • oatmeal with raisins for breakfast
  • green monster smoothie, too – 1 c skim milk, 1 banana, 2 c spinach, 1 scoop protein powder
  • lasagna, baby carrots (NO garlic bread)
  • Oikos yogurt and apple
  • chicken breast with salsa and a little cheese, brown rice, green beans

Still not super-super healthy, but an improvement.

Keeping a food journal has made it apparent that I need to do more planning. I’m relying on eating out too much and choosing unhealthy snacks way too often. We also have a shortage of fruit and veggies in this house on a regular basis, which sure doesn’t make healthy eating easier. With Christmas coming up, I think it’s important that I take steps now to make sure that I keep any weight gain to a minimum. I plan to create a meal plan for the next month, fully expecting that it will have to be tweaked as I go along because we all know that the holidays can get out of control with extra activities.

What are your favourite fruit choices during the dark days of winter?

Day 7 of 30: Food Journal Update

No blogging yesterday, and no food journaling, either – way too long a day. I did workout and did pretty well with the water, but it was the kind of day where you get home and barely have the energy to get ready for bed.

Today was better. Not as tired. Worked out with my trainer tonight – upper body and core. I am going to be so sore in a couple of days!

As part of my November goals, I committed to keeping a food journal. It’s a tool I’ve used in the past and I found it really useful when I previously lost weight. As you might imagine, the food journaling has been interesting. I haven’t altered my diet as of yet, but I am amazed – in a bad way – at how much crap I’m eating and how few vegetables I’ve been getting in. Today was worse that usual, but not by much:

  • Mini Wheats and skim milk for breakfast
  • a slice of Pizza Hut Triple Crown pizza, a Diet Pepsi, coconut Oikos Greek yogurt, and ripple chips and dill pickle dip for lunch (I was ravenous and obviously made bad choices)
  • DQ for supper: cheeseburger and onion rings with a medium Diet Pepsi (in a rush and tired and no food in the house)
  • 3 mini Mars bars
  • banana

Yuck, right?!? No wonder I’ve been feeling like I have no energy and am tired all the time, and I can’t lose weight – I’m eating like I want to pack on a few pounds. I’m fueling my body with crap! Nothing like keeping a food journal to open your eyes to what you’ve really been eating and to motivate you to do better.

I’m definitely keeping up with recording what I eat. Gotta keep myself honest, and it’s really pushing me back toward meal-planning, too, which is a good thing.

Day 4 of 30: A Little Light Cardio

I’m feeling a cold coming on. I’ve got that sore, tight feeling in the back of my throat that not only suggests that I’m getting sick but also makes me feel sad because it’s the same feeling I get when I’m trying not to cry.

A round-up of today:

  • Food journaling – check
  • Workout – check (5 min warmup, 15 min moderate cardio, 5 min cooldown)
  • Acidophilus and vitamin D – check
  • Enough water – check

I was going to lift weights tonight, but since I was feeling a little under the weather, I decided what I needed was cardio, just not at too hard a pace. I also figured I needed a bit of a mood lift and scrounged through my DVD collection to find a movie to watch while I rode my stationary bike. I wanted something funny but not too cheesy and dug through my drawers and bins until I found Love Actually. How can you not laugh at Hugh Grant dancing to the Pointer Sisters? I also have a total crush on Andrew Lincoln (Officer Rick from The Walking Dead) and will watch pretty much anything with Colin Firth.

Is there a movie that lifts your spirits every time you watch it?



Remember when I said I would come home from the hockey tournament and workout? Yeah, totally didn’t happen. And I’m okay with that. Have been up since 5:20am and am so tired I’m short-tempered and somewhat incoherent, so bed is a good idea. Tomorrow morning, though, I’m totally planning to get a workout in. Unlike today’s planned-workout-that-didn’t-happen, a workout tomorrow morning is not overreaching: I’ve got a relatively open agenda and a need to relieve some stress.


Derailment, and Pictures from London 2012

Wow, things went off the rails at work this week.  Spectacularly.  I wasn’t supposed to be seeing patients this week (I’m focusing on administrative stuff), but then the dentist who works for me called in sick Tuesday and Wednesday, went home sick Thursday afternoon, and took Friday morning off short notice.  Had a few other issues with him as well and ended up addressing my concerns with him Thursday.  On Friday morning he gave me notice, and we agreed to waive the 60 day notice period, so, assuming he signs the document my lawyer has drafted, he’ll be done Tuesday.  Definitely not according to The Plan.

My dental assistant also gave notice.  She’s trained as a dental hygienist, which pays more, and got a full-time job doing that.  Good for her, but not so good for me.  Trying to hire someone for next week.  We’ll see how that goes.

Decided I have to upgrade my practice management software, install digital radiography (x-rays), and install a panoramic x-ray machine.  Let’s just say my budget has changed significantly.

As you can imagine, my free time got highjacked as the week progressed.  I got a few workouts in earlier this week, but that’s it.  I have an appointment with a personal trainer/tri coach this week coming up though, as well as with a registered dietitian (although I’ll probably have to reschedule due to the stuff that’ll be going down at my office on Tuesday, with it being the other dentist’s last day).

Stressed? Check. Having trouble sleeping through the night? Check. Actually finding the whole experience challenging? Check.  Feeling empowered by taking care of business? Check. Even with what’s been going on, I’m still not even remotely as stressed as in my 3rd and 4th years of dental school, so I’m feeling pretty good about my ability to get through this stuff.

Enough of the work talk.  Here are a few pictures from the Olympics. Enjoy!

Usain Bolt at the starting blocks for the 100m prelims August 4th

Bolt around 55m mark. He won his heat, of course, and made it look easy.

Oscar Pistorius in the prelims

In the lead is Brianne Theisen, my husband’s cousin. She won her heat for the 800 and came in 3rd overall for that event.

My husband and me at Olympic Stadium. We were seated in the second row the morning of August 4th, around the 55m mark. Amazing seats.

All of the athletes competing in heptathlon take part in the victory lap. Jessica Ennis, who won the gold medal, is out front.

Canadian heptathletes Brianne Theisen and Jessica Zelinka

Will and Kate at Olympic Stadium the evening of August 4, 2012

Waiting for the women’s marathon runners to go by. Positioned on Westminster Bridge, about a block and a half from our hotel.

Americans Kara Goucher (red uniform, red cap) and Shalane Flanagan (red uniform, black cap) running by around the 6:30 mark.


I’ve got 4 finals this week, and then 2 the week after.  Once my exams are done, I’ve got to finish up some clinical work (dentures, root canal, some fillings) and then I should be done school (fingers crossed that all my patients show up for their appointments and that everything goes smoothly).  I expect to be finishing things off around the end of April, but you never know what can happen…

As far as workouts go, this past week went pretty well, except I missed my run this weekend due to a variety of schedule changes…and due to the fact that I should have been doing more studying for finals than I was actually doing. Oops!  I didn’t quite meet my goals for the week, so I won’t be booking that mani-pedi yet, but I feel good that I did workout as much as I did.

This week coming up, here’s the plan:

Monday – minimum 30 min walk/run (if my schedule works out, I’ll do the 60 minute workout I missed this weekend, so 10 x 4 min walking/2 min running; if I can’t find an hour, I’ll fit in 5 x 4 min walking/2 min running)

Tuesday – 30 minutes yoga

Wednesday – 30 minutes walking/running (5 x 4 min walking/2 min running)

Thursday – off

Friday – 30 minutes walking/running (5 x 4 min walking/2 min running)

Saturday – 30 minutes yoga

Sunday – 60 minutes walking/running (10 x 4 min walking/2 min running)

If I hit my target, I’m buying myself a new pair of Toms – probably these red ones, which I have been coveting for awhile.

What’s your go-to brand for cute-but-comfortable shoes that you can spend the day walking around in?