Avoid the Zombie Look: 4 Ways to Choose Being Healthy Over Being Sick

4 Ways to Choose Being Healthy Over Being Sick (aka avoiding looking and feeling like a zombie) - mostlyfitmom.com

I was rocking a zombie look today. Pale skin, dark eye circles, intestines hanging out…just kidding about that last one.

So many people have been sick lately. My receptionist at work is sick, my kids have been sick, I had three patients cancel today because they were sick…

Guess what. I feel like I have a sore throat.

Getting sick is not happening right now and I’m telling you how I’m going to choose to be healthy:

  1. Early to bed. It’s 9:45pm right now and I am about to shut it down. Sleep is good for the immune system, and I need my immune system fully functional right now. I am listening to my body and it’s telling me, “I am not feeling awesome, girl. Let’s climb into our nice, cozy bed and get some shuteye. I’ll feel much better after a solid 8 hours.” Who am I to argue?
  2. Yoga. When I’m feeling run down, I like to follow along with Yoga with Adriene’s Yoga for When You Are Sick video. I’m not sure if there are a lot of studies looking at yoga’s effect on the immune system, but it would seem reasonable that stress reduction is good for immune function and yoga is good for reducing stress. And since I had multiple people tell me today that I seem stressed, chilling out seems like a good idea.
  3. Cutting back on sugar. Immune function is impaired when you consume too much sugar, so I am committing to avoiding added sugar for the rest of the week. I am practicing chocolate avoidance and treating my body with the respect it deserves.
  4. Drinking water and herbal tea. Your cells need water for proper functioning and water is definitely important for keeping all of your mucous membranes in tip top condition. Water may not be an immune booster exactly, but if I am fighting something off, it’s certainly not going to hurt.

Have you been successful in avoiding getting sick this winter? What has worked for you?