Abundance Sadhana Day 40

yoga and abundance

Yoga: Free Yoga Class with Desiree Rumbaugh: “Brave New World” (Live at Wanderlust) from Wanderlust


Journaling prompt: What does abundance mean to you and for you?

Meditation: Feeling Infinite Abundance from Cowabunga Meditations

Gratitude: List ten ways in which you are already abundant

Learning: Marie Forleo & David Bach: How To Live and Finish Rich from Marie Forleo

What’s one thing that makes you feel abundant?



Abundance Sadhana Day 39

yoga and abundance

Yoga: Yoga Camp Day 7 – I am Capable from Yoga with Adriene

Journaling prompt: What are your three greatest strengths? How do you use those strengths? How could you use your strengths more?

Meditation: Awaken Your Potential Chakra Meditation: Strength from lululemon athletica

Gratitude: List three books that have made your life better, and why

Learning: Where Could You Find Abundance in Your World Today? Everywhere from Lisa Nichols

What’s your favourite book?

Abundance Sadhana Day 38

yoga and abundance

Yoga: Day 10 CLARITY – Focus and Refresh – 18 Days of Yoga for Your Body & Soul from Brett Larkin

Journaling prompt: What is your first memory about money? Who was there? What was going on? What ideas about money do you still hold from that point in time?

Meditation: Beach Yoga Meditation with Kino from Kino Yoga

Gratitude: Write about the best three things from your dayand how your actions brought them into existence.

Learning: How to Change Your Thoughts About Money from Lucky Bitch

What was the best part of your day?

Abundance Sadhana Day 37

yoga and abundance

Yoga: Day 21 – Joyful Home Practice – 30 Days of Yoga from Yoga with Adriene

Journaling prompt: Think of someone you know who is successful. What makes them successful? What characteristics do they have that you admire?

Meditation: Live in Joy Meditation from lululemon athletica

Gratitude: List seven characteristics you have that you’re grateful for

Learning: It’s not luck. It’s choice. from Kate Northrup

What’s one characteristic you have that you admire?


Abundance Sadhana Day 36

yoga and abundance

Yoga: Day 5 JOY – Open Heart & Upper Back – 18 Days of Yoga for Your Body & Soul from Brett Larkin Yoga

Journaling prompt: Is there someone in your life who seems abundant to you? In what ways are they abundant?

Meditation: Gratitude Meditation from Abby Wynne

Gratitude: Name six acquaintances you know that you’re grateful for having met and why

Learning: Want to be happy? Be grateful from David Steindl-Rast and TED


What are you most grateful for today?

Abundance Sadhana Day 35

yoga and abundance

Yoga: Beach Yoga with Karena – Tone It Up! from Tone It Up

Journaling prompt: What is courage to you?

Meditation: A Meditation for Self-Compassion with Jamie Zimmerman from Live Sonima

Gratitude: List five physical activities that you are grateful to be able to do

Learning: How To Get Over The Fear Of Being Judged By Others from Marie Forleo

What is one physical activity that you’re grateful to be able to do?

Abundance Sadhana Day 34

yoga and abundance

Yoga: Yoga for Stress Relief and Relaxation with Kino from KinoYoga

Journaling prompt: Brainstorm ten activities you can turn to when you feel stressed out

Meditation: Awaken Your Potential Chakra Meditation: Stress Release from lululemon athletica

Gratitude: Name three people you’ve encountered that have triggered your stress response, and what you’re grateful for having learned from the experience

Learning: Are You Free of Financial Fear? from Tony Robbins

What’s one activity you do when you’re super stressed?