Gonna Make You Sweat

Not me, but I did do some treadmill work today.

Gonna make you sweat – I wonder if this is what my trainer thinks before our sessions?  Because I certainly AM sweaty by the end of it, leaving puddles on the equipment.  Sorry – TMI?

Anyway, I had a great session at the gym today.  I warmed up by doing intervals on the treadmill.  Hadn’t been on the treadmill for months, other than for quick warmups.  So, when I was told to do 1 minute intervals at 7.5 mph, I was a little nervous.

Seems I needn’t have worried.  I totally ROCKED those intervals!  Now, keep in mind that I have been doing running intervals outdoors and I’ve been doing some long runs in preparation for my half marathon, so it’s not like I’ve been sitting on the couch and miraculously found myself faster.  But I am DEFINITELY getting fitter, and it’s nice to notice.

After my treadmill time, my trainer put me through my paces.  Oy, the body will be sore tomorrow!  It was a good workout, though.  I haven’t done strength work since last week, I think, and so my muscles seemed to be well-rested.  I felt really strong during the assisted pullups and triceps dips.  Legs were tough, but I pushed through – couldn’t have done it a few months ago!  My trainer added in some new moves for my abs, and had the core strength to do them.

It was a tough, sweaty workout, but it’s so motivating to realize just how far I’ve come since I started working with my trainer almost a year ago.  I laugh in the face of lunges!  Well, no, not really.  I still hate lunges.

What do you notice as you get fitter?  Are you faster, stronger, lighter?  Any exercises that you can do now that you couldn’t before?


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