Day 12 of 30: So. Much. Sugar.

I have a sugar problem. Once I start, I find that I justsugar cubes want to keep consuming it. Inevitably, I crash and feel terrible. Rinse, repeat.

Anyway, I know sugar/starches are a problem but have some major self-control issues when it comes to both. Tonight, I came home, promptly consumed some leftover Halloween Peeps and a peppermint brownie with vanilla ice cream. Once the sugar blues kicked in and I started to feel nauseous, I decided I’d better take control and get some cardio in. I got into my workout gear and hopped onto my stationary bike for half an hour. Feel much better now.

I have no solution, but thought I’d lay my problem out there, because I’m pretty sure I’m not alone, especially when it comes to mindless eating in the evening.

So, workout – yes. Water – not so much. Vitamin D and acidophilus – before bed. Food journal – nope. Tomorrow is another day.


If the Sweatpants Fit…

After rummaging my way through the pantry after supper, chowing down on some popcorn and a Coffee Crisp, and then procrastinating on my workout, I finally hopped onto the stationary bike tonight. Glad that I did, although I just couldn’t get into my workout groove tonight. A meh workout is still better than no workout.

Despite the mental obstacles my brain was throwing up, I managed to talk myself into doing some cardio. What got me onto the bike finally was this: I wore sweatpants at work yesterday. I’m a dentist, so people likely just thought that they were scrubs, but I knew. Why did I wear sweatpants and why is this a big deal? Well, I typically wear comfy clothes to and from work, and change into  dressier pants to work in. This keeps the bacteria, saliva, and blood I’m exposed to at the office, because I change back into my comfy clothes at the end of the day before I head home to my family. Yesterday, I packed a clean pair of work pants to wear, but when I got to the office, I realized that they were too small so the sweatpants I was wearing were the pants I was going to have to work in. Flash to Regina George in Mean Girls: “These sweatpants are the only thing that fits me right now.” Not a good feeling to know that I’ve grown out of my “healthy weight” pants.

Gotta take motivation where you can get it, even if it is sweatpants.

My Weight Gain

It’s been so long since I blogged that I don’t even know what to write. That, actually, has been keeping me from blogging – not knowing what to write.

Let’s go with a status update. I’ve gained weight. To the point where I don’t feel comfortable in my skin. I’ve been working out, but the eating….My eating habits have been terrible. I’ve veered into eating whatever I want territory. That would be fine, I suppose, if whatever I wanted happened to involve a lot of veggies, lean protein, and otherwise wholesome foods; however, too many starches and too many sugary treats have made their way into and onto my body.

I know what I need to do in order to start feeling better and eating more healthfully, and yet, I’m struggling to do those things. Carbs keep winning. At least that’s how it feels.

I should not be losing to food. Like, what is that idea? That food is some sort of powerful foe to defeat? It’s not, and I don’t think that food should be some sort of enemy.

I’m not sure how to approach weight loss this time. I sense that if I don’t deal with the mental aspects of what is leading me to keep gaining weight, that I won’t ever be able to maintain a healthy weight. I’ve read lots of books and articles on weight loss, and I had thought that I found the solution a few years ago (working with a dietitian and personal trainer who provided coaching and support), but when my dietitian moved into a different field and my personal trainer moved away, I gradually slipped back into old, less healthy habits. I’ve started working with a new dietitian, but I don’t really like her approach that much (tracking what I eat and counting calories) because I don’t feel like it’s sustainable. Plus, personality-wise, I don’t feel like we “click.” I’ve recently started with a new trainer, too, and I really like her, but I’m only a couple of weeks in so it’s too early to really judge how things are going there.

Weight loss is work, despite magazines yelling at me that I can “Eat More, Weigh Less.” Chopping up veggies, packing healthy snacks, bringing lunch to work, meal planning, food journaling, counting calories, finding time to workout, actually working out, grocery shopping, avoiding unhealthy foods, convincing yourself that you don’t want that chocolate treat. This is WORK, and I am tired, mentally tired. I guess that’s what’s holding me back. I KNOW that weight loss and what I need to do to achieve it are hard and require a certain level of mental commitment. I am not there right now, and I don’t know how I’m going to get there.


Project MIMAB (Make It Merry and Bright): Update

It’s almost the end of November. That means that not only will I be older (turning 37 on Friday), but also that Christmas is coming. Preparations have been going well for the big day. Internet shopping is the best. thing. ever. I have almost all of my gifts purchased.  For the kids, we decided that we would venture into the world of video games this year and are getting them an Xbox Kinect. I spoke with several moms who I know limit their kids’ gaming and they spoke highly of the Kinect system, stating that after a session of video games, their kids were sweaty and happy. The moms also said that they personally enjoyed the games and often spent time playing as a family. After hearing that, I took the plunge.

As for the rest of the holiday preparations, we have the tree up (but not decorated – that’ll be part of our Christmas countdown activities) and I’ve decorated the mantel.  Here’s the end result (ignore the bad lighting – I’m no photographer):

I’m so happy with how these decorations turned out. The framed print and the garland were downloaded here from eighteen25.  I had the print done at London Drugs and put in into a frame that I got on sale at Michaels, and I printed the garland portion off at home and pasted the print-outs to some green cardstock I had kicking around. The rest of the ornaments I already had, so it was relatively inexpensive in the end.

I just received our Christmas cards (sorry, no pics of these) from Snapfish the other day, and while I think I should have gone with glossy rather than matte, I’m happy with how they turned out. It’s just a matter of addressing and sending out now.

I haven’t started any Christmas baking yet, but that’s probably a good thing. On the baking list this year:

  1. gingersnaps (the best recipe ever is here. So good that my grandma asked ME for the recipe.)
  2. Christmas-y Rice Krispy treats from here
  3. red velvet cupcakes using Bakerella’s very excellent red velvet cake recipe

I’m not sure what else to bake. It’s been so long (6 years) since I’ve done any hard-core holiday baking that I have very recipes that I’m tied to and I wouldn’t mind trying out some new ones. Links and suggestions welcome!

Here’s how you know that I’m a total holiday junkie: I’ve ordered matching pj’s for my family from Hanna Andersson. Candy cane stripe is a good look for Christmas morning, right?

True confession time: I have not been working out and my eating has been not very good, either. I get home at the end of the day and am totally lacking motivation to do anything active, but I’m also tired, so I end up carb-ing up in search of energy. It makes no sense that I am absolutely certain that I would feel better if I just did something, but can not motivate myself to get my (gradually enlarging) butt off the couch. It’s a mystery to me that my mind can process all of this information and yet here I sit, kicking myself for not working out and still NOT WORKING OUT.

From here until Christmas, I’m committing to 15 minutes per day of something. It may be cardio, it may be yoga, it may be abs, it may be stretching. At this point, I just need to get doing anything, because that’s 100% better than nothing. at. all.

My veggie intake has also been crap, so I’m going to promise to have a low-sodium V8 per day, even if I have nothing else veg-wise, because you can not get any easier than that.

What’s your favourite holiday treat?Does your family do anything out of the ordinary/silly for the holidays? What’s your favourite holiday tradition?

My answers to the 3 questions above:

1) my mom’s jam jam cookies

2) I apparently like to get my family (me, husband, kiddos) matching clothing items

3) for my favourite tradition, when I was a kid, we used to celebrate Christmas on my mom’s side with a French Canadian tradition called reveillon, where we’d go to midnight mass (actually held at midnight) and then go to my grandparent’s house and have a meal (including tourtiere) and open gifts




School’s In, Summer’s Out: Why My Bed Time is Earlier Than My Kids’

It’s 8:45pm and I am honestly, seriously thinking about going to bed soon.  It’s been a long day, with a crazy long wait to take x-rays + a patient with a “challenging” personality in the clinic this morning (school started last week, but clinics started this week, so today’s patient was my first for the school year) and a long afternoon of calling patients to try and book them in.  I was unable to get a patient for this afternoon and still haven’t found one for tomorrow afternoon.  One of my least favourite parts of dental school is having to line up almost all of my own patients.  And really, there are a lot of crappy things about dental school, so that’s saying a lot.

Some bad news about my running today: I think I’m going to have to pull the plug on my half, for real.  I got the okay from my physio to try running this week, and after less than 1k, my IT band started to ache by  my knee.  Bummer.  I have to admit that as I walked home, I sort of wanted to cry (I didn’t).  And then I was just sad for awhile.  I’m okay now, and I’m trying to keep in mind that I want to be a runner, not a former runner.

My eating has been pretty ugly the past couple of days.  Hello, chocolate, thanks for coming by to comfort me.  Yes, I’ve been doing a little emotional eating over the weekend, as it’s just hit me how long my to-do list is these days.  Yikes!   Part of the issue is that I haven’t been eating enough earlier in the day and then end up being a ravenous beast once I get home.  Must get on top of packing a good lunch and snacks (along with the 2 million other things I should be doing – haha!).

I’m supposed to be studying right now, but I think I’m going to go wash my face, brush and floss, and crawl into bed.  I am officially pooped.

By the way, I’m hitting the hay, but my kids are still up because while I have school tomorrow, they don’t start until next week.  How lame is that?

What do you prioritize when work/school starts getting busy?  Are you one of those virtuous folks who manages to fit in her workouts, do you hit the hay nice and early, or do you just hang on and do your best?


So Hot

I’ve been having a hard time finding the time to blog.  I have a fair bit of downtime at work (I’m working on a student dental license for the summer), but I don’t have access to the internet so I haven’t been writing very much.  Today, though, I decided to just type in Word and then copy and paste later.  It doesn’t quite feel the same, but it’ll do.  I miss getting my thoughts and workouts down in black and white.  Somehow it makes everything…clearer.

The hip/IT band rehab is going quite well.  Still a little hip tightness after 5k, but no knee pain at all, so I’m super happy.  I ran/walked 8k last Tuesday (I think?) on a beautiful, sunny, breezy summer day, and then Friday night I got in a 6.5k run in my neighbourhood.  I ran easy for 10 min, then aimed for a 6:30 min/km pace.  I knew I wouldn’t be able to sustain it for the 25 min I wanted to run, so I ran for 10 min, walked for 2, ran another 10, walked for 2, and then ran a sub 6:00 min/km for the last 2 min, then 10 min fairly easy.  I felt great afterward and even had a nice chat with my neighbour, who was taking her dog out for a walk as I was heading home.

It's been hot and humid as of late, so I can totally relate to the Wicked Witch, because I totally feel like I'm gonna melt

Tonight I’m planning to walk/run 10k.  I was scheduled to do it Sunday, but had a late night after my cousin’s wedding.  While I had only 1 drink at the wedding, it was quite hot outside and I was feeling super dehydrated Sunday on top of being really tired and having 4 hours of driving to do.  Then I was going to get it in yesterday instead, but I didn’t plan ahead for the 36 degrees Celcius (plus humidity) that we got here.  Not that I’m complaining about the heat – I love it.  It’s just definitely not smart running weather for a Northern girl like me.  So, after work today, I’m heading over to my sister’s to borrow her treadmill.

Hate the treadmill, but I really want to get this long run in, even though I know I’m getting to the point where I should just keep going with my training plan and forget about that long run.  I’m just kicking myself because, really, I had no good reason for not getting it in.  It was just poor planning on my part.

Speaking of planning, my eating has been pretty decent.  I’ve been meal planning and getting in lots of veggies (summer salads!).  The only real issue I’m having is with weekend eating.  I’m definitely splurging more than is wise, so I’m not losing weight.  I’m not gaining, though, either, which is good.  I think I just need to dig out a little extra motivation to get through the weekends without eating so many treats and I’ll be in good shape.

Do you find that you eat more healthfully in the summer, or do you find it harder to avoid the indulgences at social events?

Summer: Now Just Around the Corner

If you read Kat’s blog over at Tenaciously Yours, you’ll know that she’s on her honeymoon, cruising the Mediterranean.  While she’s away, she’s posting some of her own material, but is also featuring some guest bloggers.  I was honoured to have her ask me to guest blog for her, because I love her blog and I find her posts super entertaining.  It’s not unusual for me to laugh out loud  as I’m sitting in my kitchen, reading the latest about her life.  So, cruise on over, check out my post about my summer fun checklist, and then peruse some of hers.  You won’t be disappointed.

My first week of work at my summer job was mostly good. It’s nice getting back into a routine because it keeps me from snacking at all hours. I packed my lunch most days, had lots of veggies, made some pretty good snacking choices, drank more water, and ended up losing about 1.5 lbs this week.

Workout-wise, though, I slacked.  I did some core and hip-strengthening exercises, but otherwise nothing else this past week.  I’m booked in to see a physiotherapist next week, so we’ll see what she says about the whole hip-slash-running situation.  I plan to get a run in tomorrow and I’m definitely going to schedule workouts into my calendar for the upcoming week.  I think the key is going to be to workout right after work, before I really wind down.  At least next week.  And then my kids will move with me for the summer, so I’ve got to figure out how to fit in my workouts after that, since I’ll be solo parenting most of the time.  My husband will be there sometimes, since he travels to the city I’m living in for my summer job a couple of days per week, usually, but it’ll definitely be challenging to wrangle the kids on my own.

How do you make sure you get your workouts in, and how’s the summer shaping up for you so far?