Abundance Sadhana Day 31

yoga and abundance

Yoga: lululemon | yoga practice with ambassador Amber J from lululemon

Journaling prompt: Do you find yourself saving items (crystal wine glasses, bath bombs, etc.) for “special occasions,” or are you able to enjoy everything you have without restriction? Write about your thoughts around “saving” items rather than using them with gratitude.

Meditation: Monday Meditation – Confidence, Happiness, Love and Acceptance from Juliet Lever

Gratitude: List four items you used with pleasure today, and why you’re grateful for them

Learning: Tony Robbins on Money: Master the Game from Marie Forleo

Have you ever “saved” something for occasional use only?


2 thoughts on “Abundance Sadhana Day 31

  1. Jolene (www.everydayfoodie.ca) says:

    When I was about 4 years old my mom had this little bottle of perfume that I loved the smell of (I think it was just a sample size). She said I could have it, and I decided I was going to save it until my high school graduation, and wear it then (I was a weird 4 year old). I never wore it, and many, many years later, but long before my high school graduation, it went bad. I threw it out and never did get to wear it.

    I also got four “Gap” brand candles for Christmas from my uncle when I was about 11 or 12. I didn’t want to use them up, because I thought they were fancy candles, so I never burned them. After a few years, they became discolored, and the wax got all dusty and gross (they didn’t have lids), and I had to toss those without burning them.

    Both of these things taught me lessons early on, and now I always use my best and favourite things regularly. I don’t really save anything for just special occasions.


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