Abundance Sadhana Day 28

yoga and abundance

“epidemically often, we go for the external win at the cost of our internal wellness.” Danielle LaPorte

I have a confession to make: I haven’t practiced yoga or meditated for about a week now. I got a virus that totally knocked me for a loop and made moving from my bed to the couch a workout. You know it’s bad when you put your hair in a ponytail and your arms are shaking by the end of it. I felt so miserable that even meditation seemed like work.

I am not here to complain, though. I am here to get back to daily meditation and yoga. My yoga practice will be very easy, and different from the one I’ve included here. And I think that’s important, because honouring my body and immune system and treating it with love and kindness is important for a full and (hopefully) quick recovery. I’ve learned the hard way that medicating and pushing through usually ends up leading lingering malaise.

I’m so grateful to finally be feeling better and to be able to start moving my body again.


Yoga: Day 27 – Flexible, Fearless and FUN YOGA – 30 Days of Yoga from Yoga with Adriene

Journaling prompt: Think of three peak moments in your life. Write about each moment, including where you were; how you felt; what you saw, smelled, heard, tasted, felt; who you were with; etc. Look at your three moments and identify what they had in common. How can you seek out more of that?

Meditation: F*ck That: An Honest Meditation from Jason Headley (Warning: contains profanity and requires a sense of humour)

Gratitude: List three memories you have of fun and laughter and why you’re grateful for them today

Learning: Funny Famous Women Talk About Money from Lucky Bitch

What memory always makes you smile? For me, it’s running in Kapi’olani Park in Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii.


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