Abundance Sadhana Day 24

yoga and abundance

“All we can control is our own corner of the universe. Ourselves. The goal is to create peace in our little corner.” Rebecca Pacheco

I am fighting a virus today. There’s not much I can do beyond staying hydrated and getting lots of rest. I itch to get back to work and get outside (the weather is beautiful right now), but my bed and couch have been as far as I’ve gotten for a couple of days now. There is no use arguing against the fact that I’m sick or trying to push through, as that will inevitably lead to my illness lingering. And so, I accept.


Meditation: Meditation for Cultivating Goodness from Happy Healthy Human

Learning: Kelly McGonigal: How to Make Stress Your Friend from TED

Journaling prompt: Spend five to ten minutes free-writing about abundance

Gratitude: Write down five things about the world and humanity that you are grateful for

Yoga: Bikini Yoga Flow from Tone it Up (Note: Ignore the title of this video and soak in the beautiful beach location)

What’s one thing that amazes you about the world? One simple thing is the colour of the Caribbean Sea.


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