Abundance Sadhana Day 23

yoga and abundance

“If you’re alive, you’re a creative person.” Elizabeth Gilbert

I’ve often considered myself to be NOT creative, when really, it’s just that I can’t draw worth a darn. So, last fall, when my mentor suggested that I make room for creativity in my life through journaling, I mentally rolled my eyes and dismissed the idea. But then,  I started to see her suggestion to write every day everywhere I turned: blogs I followed, books I read, articles in magazines. And so, still skeptical, I began journaling. Not every day, or even every week. When I was struggling with emotions or overwhelm, I would write. What I wrote was sometimes surprising, because I didn’t realize what emotions were being triggered in me day-to-day.

As my writing practice developed, I began to want to express myself more, and turned back to this blog, and I also started to get other ideas, and created another blog (www.livelikeamomboss.com). It’s been fun, which is something I’ve been missing in my life. Plus, in getting my thoughts out in words, I’ve been able to feel creative for the first time since I was a kid, and it feels pretty good.


Meditation: Awaken Your Potential Chakra: Creativity from Lululemon Athletica

Learning: Success, failure and the drive to keep creating from Elizabeth Gilbert and TED


Journaling prompt: When you were a child, what creative activities did you enjoy? Do you still do this activities? Why or why not?

Gratitude: List three ways in which you are creative

Yoga:  20 Minute No Mat Creative Yoga Sequence from Yoga by Candace

What’s one way in which you unleash your creativity? I enjoy writing my blog.


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