Abundance Sadhana Day 22

yoga and abundance

“What separates privilege from entitlement is gratitude.” Brené Brown

At night, before bed, I either mentally make a list of what I’m grateful for, or I write in my gratitude journal, often adding in why it is that I’m grateful. I find it a grounding practice that soothes me as I fall asleep.

I’ve started practicing gratitude in the morning as well, in that space where I’m not fully functioning and the idea of stepping into my day is overwhelming. I lie with my eyes closed and list who and what I’m grateful for. I usually end up with a smile on my face, and can start to slowly roll out of bed, moving into my day with greater grace and presence.


Meditation: A Guided Meditation for Devotion and Gratitude with John Campbell from Sonima. The meditation begins at the 3:00 mark.

Learning: The Most Powerful Gratitude Practice You’re Not Doing from Marie Forleo

Journaling prompt: Thinking back, what is different in your life today from one year ago, and why are you grateful for that change?

Gratitude: Name one obstacle that you faced (and may not have overcome) this past week, and what you are grateful you have learned from the experience

Yoga: Yoga Camp – Day 27 – I Am Grateful from Yoga with Adriene

What’s one thing that you are grateful for today? I’m grateful for the sunny, warm weather we’re having today.


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