Abundance Sadhana Day 17

yoga and abundance

“If you want achieve greatness in your life or your business, then everything you do needs to be done with a purpose and for a reason.” Lewis Howes

Clarity is key in knowing what action to take. I firmly believe in having a vision for your life in order to live a life that you love, but it can be challenging to be clear in your vision. To be honest, it’s something I’ve been working on for awhile, and I still feel like I’m not crystal clear. Thinking back to where I was a couple of years ago, though, I am closer to knowing what my vision is.

The deeper I dig into myself, the more I allow my vision to surface. I’ve found that my vision is clouded by the expectations of others and by what I think I should be and do. But that isn’t living in truth. As I peel back the layers, I get closer to my life vision and I allow the restrictive expectations I hold to crumble away – or at least to enter my awareness so that I can start to deal.


Meditation: A Meditation for Positive Transformation from Elena Brower and Sonima

Learning: Lacking an Abundance Mindset? Here’s How to Deal from Tara Bliss. (Head’s up: There’s a bit of woo-woo stuff in in the video. I think of it as symbolism to help me get focused.)

Journaling prompt: What is your number one money worry?

Gratitude: List 5 things you loved to do as a child

Yoga: Yoga for Relaxation from Yoga with Adriene

What was one thing that you loved to do when you were a kid? I loved to read books.


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