Abundance Sadhana Day 16

yoga and abundance

“If we want to live bold, full lives, we must take our whole selves into the future.” Danielle LaPorte

As part of a leadership course I attended last fall, our teacher led us through a guided meditation where we envisioned ourselves 20 years into the future. We imagined where we lived, the objects that filled our houses, what our future self offered us for snacks, and what we looked like. We then spent some time journaling about that life, what we envisioned, and the advice that our future self had to give us.

It was  a powerful experience.

Today, take some time to imagine yourself in 20 years. What life are you living? What has success come to mean to you? What advice would you give to your current self to get there?


Meditation: Inner Fire Guided Meditation from The Chopra Centre (Note: This meditation track is 16 minutes long. The meditation itself starts around the 2:38 mark.)

Learning: Why Abundance Means More Than Making Lots of Money from mindbodygreen

Journaling prompt: What three pieces of advice would your future self give you about being successful?

Gratitude: List three things you did for others today, and why you’re grateful for having done them

Yoga: Day 17 – Happiness Boost Yoga – 30 Days of Yoga from Yoga with Adriene

What’s one thing you did for someone else, today or in the last week? I made my daughter’s lunch for her (she usually makes her own).



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