Abundance Sadhana Day 11

yoga and abundance

“Badassery, I’m discovering, is a new level of confidence—in both yourself and those around you.”  Shonda Rhimes

If I were guaranteed not to fail, I would make different choices. I would likely turn away from being practical and turn toward creativity more frequently. Fear of judgment holds me back more than I care to admit and impairs my confidence, and unconsciously (but sometimes consciously, too, as I become more self-aware), I judge others in order to quell that insecurity within me. Instead of being judgy, I want to become a badass and recognize not only my abundance of skills, strengths, and knowledge, but also that of the women (and men) around me. That’s a big step away from a scarcity mindset.


Meditation: Financial Abundance Mediation by Abraham Hicks from Everyday Happier

Learning: True Abundance from Gabrielle Bernstein

Journaling prompt: If you were guaranteed not to fail, what would you choose to do?

Gratitude: List three movies that always make you laugh

Yoga: Full-Body Feel Good 30-Minute Yoga with Erin Motz from DoYouYoga.com

What movie always makes you laugh? Uncle Buck always cracks me up.

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