Abundance Sadhana Day 8

yoga and abundance

“Forgiveness doesn’t mean you excuse or condone their behaviour. Chances are, you will never get the acknowledgement or apology you crave. The only thing you have control over is how you feel about the experience. You’re still drinking the poison – they have moved on with their life.” Denise Duffield-Thomas

Forgiveness doesn’t come easily to me. I can carry a grudge like nobody’s business.

What I came to realize, though, was that carrying anger and resentment didn’t hurt the other person who (I perceived as having) wronged me. It was only hurting me.

And so I’ve started practicing acceptance and release, and, yes, forgiveness. Sometimes, you just need to make like a Norwegian princess and let it go.


Meditation: Guided Meditation for Money & Forgiveness from Kate Northrup

Learning: What if forgiveness isn’t about forgiving? from Danielle LaPorte

Journaling prompt: Whom have you resisted forgiving? Why? Would accepting be easier and feel better than forgiving?

Yoga: Lazy Yoga – Easy Yin-Inspired Yoga Sequence for When You Need a Break – Great for Beginners from Brett Larkin Yoga. Grab a yoga strap, a belt, or a towel for this take-it-easy practice.

Gratitude: List five of your favourite songs

What’s one of your favourite songs? Thunderstruck by AC/DC is one of mine.

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