Abundance Sadhana Day 3

yoga and abundance

“Money and material things come to you when you dare to trust in life’s ability to take you exactly where you need to go.” Rachel Brathen

I firmly believe that moving toward an abundance mindset and shifting away from one of scarcity and lack is key to feeling abundance, because thoughts lead to feelings. In examining my thoughts about money and abundance through Kate Northrup’s book Money, A Love Story, I was surprised to discover how ingrained my scarcity mindset was, and I wanted to change that. And now, here we are. Enjoy!


Meditation: Abundance Meditation from Manifesting Mamas

Journaling prompt: What ten words come to mind when you think of abundance?

Learning: Wiring Yourself for Abundance in 3 Easy Steps from Kate Northrup

Gratitude: Which three relationships are you most grateful for, and why?

Yoga: 30 min Heart Opening Feel Good Yoga from Yoga by Candace


Which relationship are you most grateful for? I’m most grateful for my relationship with my husband, because he has my back every damn day.

Missed the first few days? No worries! check out the intro post HERE, and then start at DAY 1.

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