Abundance Sadhana Day 2

yoga and abundance

“In particular, I’d realized that although I possessed all the elements of a happy life, too often I took my circumstances for granted and allowed myself to become overly vexed by petty annoyances or fleeting worries. I’d wanted to appreciate my life more, and to live up to it better.” Gretchen Rubin

I worry about money. Through a lot of personal development, I worry much less than I used to, because the more self-aware I become, the more it sinks in that worry – about money, about what will happen to my kids when they’re out of my sight, about sharks when I’m swimming in the ocean – is futile. Use today’s activities to becoming more aware of your worries and start to let them go.


Meditation: Guided Meditation Anxiety, Worry and Urgency from Christa Stong

Learning: How to Stop Worrying About Money (4 Easy Steps) from Lucky Bitch

Journaling prompt: What is your greatest money regret? What have you learned as a result?

Yoga: Yoga for Anxiety and Stress from Yoga with Adriene

Gratitude: List five things that you love about yourself


What’s one thing that you love about yourself? I love my feet, because they’re pretty 🙂

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