A Simple Way to Show Appreciation at Work

I’ve noticed a big shift in my outlook on life the past several weeks. The sun seems brighter, I’m smiling more, and I feel greater appreciation for those around me.

A lot of the gratitude I feel flows from the work my staff does and how they are present at the office. My staff has a big part in my day-to-day life, since I spend so much of my time at work, and the fact that I work with such great people makes me happy. In short, I’ve got some fantastic team members and really could not do my job without them.

A Simple Way to Show Appreciation at Work - mostlyfitmom.com

A couple of weeks ago, we celebrated Dental Assistants Week. I wanted to do something special and personal to celebrate the work that my dental assistant does. I used a multi-pronged approach: We went out for lunch as a team, I brought my staff coffee, and everyone made a list of 10 things that they appreciate about my dental assistant and we presented the lists to her.

As my assistant opened her gift and began to read what the team had written about her, I could see her begin to glow. Her smile got wider and brighter, and she told us that the appreciation lists were the best work gift that she has ever received. Score!

Check out the worksheet I made to document our appreciation for her.

10 Things I Appreciate About - mostlyfitmom.com

I definitely think that the process of practicing gratitude as a team was a worthwhile one. I’ve often read that people feel unappreciated at work and will leave jobs for that simple reason. Not only do I want to avoid turnover, but I also want to encourage the people around me to recognize each other for the work that they do in order to create a more harmonious, happier place to spend our days.

In what way are you recognized for the work you do?


4 thoughts on “A Simple Way to Show Appreciation at Work

  1. Kat says:

    I think this is such an excellent worksheet – I know that written words of praise are what I like the most. I think that it can be so special to show people that they are appreciated by letting them know that you notice them! Like you wrote – they really appreciate it!

    p.s. I am in the middle of The Nightingale right now. I struggled with some of the characters at the beginning, but now i really enjoy it. Thanks so much for sharing what you’re reading lately as well!


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