Spring Has Sprung: A Spring Walking Playlist

Spring Has Sprung A Spring Walking Playlist - mostlyfitmom.com

The weather here is beautiful. The sun has been shining, the snow is melting like crazy, and everyone’s mood is lifting now that the days are longer. Spring is in the air, even though we Saskatchewanians know that there’s likely some winter left ahead of us, which is why now is the time to seize the good weather and get outside. Time to get on track with my 10k training, which I have to admit I’ve been slack about for the past two weeks.

When it comes to working out, there’s nothing like a dose of musical energy to help me power through my walk/run (mostly walk) workouts. I’ve put together a playlist that’s in the 135-150 bpm range to keep my pace brisk and my feet a-movin’ (and my ass out the door).

Spring Has Sprung Walking Playlist - mostlyfitmom.com

Do you use music when you workout? What’s your favourite energy-boosting song?


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