Practicing Gratitude: My Wicked Good Day

Practicing Gratitude My Wicked Good Day - mostlyfitmom.comIt can be hard sometimes to feel good about your life. So often we focus on the problems and the negatives and neglect to recognize our accomplishments and the sweet moments found in day-to-day living.

Today, for me, was so not one of those days.

Today was wicked good. I’m not sure how it happened and I consider it an amazing accomplishment resulting from working with my life coach for several months. Here’s why today rocked.

  • I listened to an energizing guided meditation from on the way to work today and I made it to work without swearing at another driver.
  • It’s Dental Assistants Week, so I stopped at Starbucks and got coffee for my staff, and a grande flat white for myself – totally my favourite.
  • The Starbucks staff was totally awesome. The guy taking orders even remembered the order of the guy two spots ahead of me in line. Good customer service.
  • The barista created some latte art on the surface of my flat white. So pretty. Wish I had a snap.
  • At work, all of my patients were early so we ran ahead of schedule all morning. Pretty sweet. And the patients were all great.
  • The crown I cemented on a patient fit perfectly and we got it on in a snap. I called the dental lab we worked with to thank them for their fantastic work 🙂
  • I took my staff out for lunch for Dental Assistants Week. The conversation was great and the food was delicious.
  • Yesterday, it was minus thirty-something with the wind chill and my vehicle barely started despite being plugged in. Today, it rose to -2 (-8 with the wind chill) and it started melting. Beautiful.
  • After lunch, we presented my dental assistant with lists of 10 things that we each appreciate about her during our team meeting. She said it was the best gift she ever got at work.
  • I finished a task I really dislike doing at work today.
  • I was able to get to a hot yoga class today and I really enjoyed the instructor who guided the class.
  • After hot yoga, I enjoyed the cool breeze and the sun on my face.Hot Yoga Face
  • I had leftovers in the fridge and didn’t have to cook supper.
  • I took a hot bath while listening to the Barefoot Beach Chill playlist on Songza. It fit my mood perfectly.
  • My daughter helped out around the house while my husband took our son to hockey practice.
  • I had time to clean up around the house so that my husband didn’t have to. Our cleaner comes tomorrow and we always pick up so that she can focus on cleaning rather than tidying.
  • I started reading The Desire Map by Danielle Laporte and it totally resonated with me.
  • It’s before 9:30pm and I am winding down for the night.

How was your day? Take a few moments and run through the best parts of your day, feeling appreciation and gratitude for the good moments and the people who made your day better. You’ll feel happier. I promise.

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