40 Weeks to 40: How to Really Celebrate Your 40th Birthday

How to REALLY Celebrate Your 40th Birthday - mostlyfitmom.com

I celebrate my 40th birthday in 40 weeks. It’s kind of a big deal, right? Forty seems to be a big milestone for a lot of the women I know. There’s a sense that the frivolity of your youth is over, but that there’s a whole lot of living to do, and as someone with forty years tucked under her belt, you now have a sense of exactly what kind of living that is.

I thought that I would be dreading the big 4-0, and while I guess I’m not exactly loving that I’m getting older and closer to death, I’m certainly not avoiding the idea of my big birthday at all. In fact, I’ve decided to celebrate being alive for 40 years through a series of challenges over the next 40 weeks.  I think it’s really a great time to focus on healthy habits, reviewing where I’ve been and where I’m at in my life, and plain ol’ having fun.

40 Challenges for 40 Weeks

It’s cheesy, but why not celebrate your 40th birthday for more than a single day? Why not do something that will make you a better person, reflect on where you’ve been, and get you having fun all the way to 40? These are not all week-long challenges. Some of them span 40 days, others involve compiling lists about your life, while still others will end on your birthday. Ready to see the list of challenges? Here we go!

  1. 40 Days of Gratitude
  2. 40 Favourite Songs
  3. 40 Favourite Things About Disney World (or your favourite place to visit)
  4. 40 Items Decluttered – Challenge #1
  5. 40 Movies in 40 Weeks
  6. 40×40 of Portuguese (or another language)
  7. 40 Favourite Movies
  8. 40 Gifts Challenge
  9. 40-Song Running Playlist for Spring
  10. 40 Facebook Posts by 40
  11. 4×40 Electronics-Free Hours by 40
  12. 40 Acts of Kindness by 40
  13. 40-Song Walking Playlist
  14. 40 Days of Planks
  15. 40 Ways to Show Employees Appreciation
  16. 40 Days of Saving by 40
  17. 40 Favourite Books
  18. 40 Loves Notes Before 40
  19. 40 Fun Things To Do by 40
  20. Run a 10k By 40
  21. 40 Days of Yoga
  22. 40 Healthy Things To Do before 40
  23. 40-Song Summer Running Playlist
  24. 40 Things To Do with Your Kids by 40
  25. 40 Sunsets
  26. 40 Days of Writing
  27. 40 Things To Do This Summer
  28. 40 Items Decluttered – Challenge #2
  29. 40 Nice Things To Do for Your Husband by 40
  30. 40 Nice Things to Do for Your Family and Friends by 40
  31. 40 Emails by 40
  32. 40 Meditation Sessions by 40
  33. 40 Days of Pushups
  34. 40 Work Goals by 40
  35. 40 Ways to Feel Uplifted
  36. 40 Days of Stretching
  37. 40-Song Fall Running Playlist
  38. Run a Half Marathon by 40
  39. 40 Selfies Collection
  40. 40 Days of Joy

As the year unfolds, I’ll be posting exactly what each challenge involves and how I’m doing.

To Party or Not to Party

You might be thinking that challenges are all well and good, but is there going to be a party? At this point, for me, I’m not sure. I love planning birthday parties, but it’s different when it’s my own. My gut is telling me to plan something with just my family, maybe a weekend away somewhere fun, doing stuff that brings me joy. All I know is that THERE WILL BE CAKE.

Do you think that forty is a big milestone? What’s your idea of a fabulous birthday celebration?


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