6 Strength Training Workouts for Runners

As an injured runner, I know that strength training is a must, and as I plan to start running again, I did some research on strength training for runners. I am getting ready to get strong.6 Strength Training Workouts for Runners - mostlyfitmom.com

What I’ve been learning is that my injuries are likely related to hip instability. Nearly every strength workout for runners that I’ve seen focuses on strengthening the glutes and core, and this ties into hip stability in that strengthening these areas improves your hip stability and reduces your risk for injury.

The current issue of Runner’s World has a four-stage progression aimed at improving hip stability. It’s so simple that it only makes sense that I follow it. I couldn’t find any links to it online otherwise I would share, but I did find some other pretty awesome links that include info and exercises aimed at keeping us runners healthy and injury free.

Love the Another Mother Runner website? Get Ripped Like a Mother.

I couldn’t find the hip stability workout from the current Runner’s World magazine, but I did find their 10 Essential Strength Exercises for Runners.

Coach Jenny Hadfield has a super simple (read: doable) strength workout in The Minimalist Guide to Strength Training for Runners. In my world, simple = awesome.

Women’s Health Mag also has a list of 7 Strength Moves for Runners. Get the sense that runners are into less is more when it comes to strength training?

This article from Greatist has links to multiple workouts and also explains Why All Runners Should Strength Train.

Looking for a body-weight workout that’s challenging? Check out Prevention’s 12 Essential Exercises Every Runner Should Do.


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