The Ultimate Energy-Boosting Playlist

The Ultimate Energy-Boosting Playlist - mostlyfitmom.comI love chocolate. Really, really, a lot. But if I eat too much, my blood sugar will crash and my stomach gets upset and I start to feel blah. Before long, the guilt for eating all those calories kicks in and I feel terrible.

The beautiful thing about music is that I can indulge – indeed, overindulge – without all of the negative consequences. Oh sure, I might get sick of that Taylor Swift song if I play over and over and over, but music is almost magical in its ability to uplift me. Not happy about doing the dishes? I can crank up the tunes and bop while up to my elbows in the sink. Feeling low energy and avoiding that workout? Let’s turn up the Bose. It’s almost impossible to not move.

A girl’s gotta have a go-to playlist to get the blood pumping and to put a spring in her step when she’s in a slump. Feeling down in the dumps because it’s minus 33 with the windchill and still dark outside at 7:30am? Turn up the volume on these songs that you can sing to, dance to, face the day to. Without any guilt at all.

Boost Playlist


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