Lucky 13: A 13 Week 10k Training Plan for Beginners

Lucky 13: A 13 Week 10k Training Plan for BeginnersIt’s time to start running again. In January, I hit the road a couple of times, but it was so frigid that my shoes turned into hard blocks and my plantar fasciitis flared up. After that, instead of walking/running, I stuck to the stationary bike and yoga and also started adding in some strength training.

I have been thinking about running, though, and really want to get back to running for more than a minute at a time. The tricky part is that running takes effort and consistency, which is something I’ve been practicing but that I’ve always struggled with. A little motivation in the form of a race can be that kick in the pants needed to put on those runners with regularity, so this morning I signed up for a 10k here in Saskatoon on Mother’s Day. That gives me about 12 weeks to build up my distance without ramping up too quickly.

My source for a training plan was the runDisney website. I successfully used one of the Jeff Galloway-designed plans to prepare for the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror 10-Miler back in 2013, so the runDisney website was my first stop. I took a look at the website’s 10k plans and adapted what they had to my needs. The Galloway plan looks the same for all of the 10k races that runDisney has in their roster, which are the Walt Disney World 10k, Star Wars 10k, Disney Princess 10k, Disneyland 10k. Jeff Galloway advocates a run-walk-run approach, which works well for me since I’m easing back into running and want to avoid injury. Check out the runDisney website and Jeff Galloway’s website, which are far more informative if you’re looking for more information on training programs. I am not a running expert at all.

The plans on the runDisney site are date-specific and are laid out for Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday runs, which is great if you’re running one of the Disney races (and I would sure love to be!), but I wanted something customized to my schedule so that it felt more formal and I will feel more committed to nailing those workouts.

After deciding which race to run (the 2015 Saskatoon Transplant Trot), I opened up a spreadsheet, plugged in the dates from now until the middle of May and created my own 10k plan, a shorter version of the plan I found online. In addition to the times and distances listed in the plan, I’ll be adding in a five minute warmup and five minute cooldown for every workout. Note that the Jeff Galloway plan advises a ten minute warmup before and ten minute cooldown after every workout. I’m okay with adding an additional ten minutes to the times in the plan, but an extra twenty minutes seems like a lot.

Below is the chart I developed for my May 10th 10k. If it’s useful to you, then that’s fantastic. Like I said, I’m not a running expert, so please refer to the websites I’ve mentioned above for more information.

Lucky 13 10k Training PlanAre there any running websites that you regularly turn to for info or training plans?


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