Not Another Bucket List: A Guide to a Weekend of Living

Palm TreesIt’s a long weekend here in Saskatchewan, which doesn’t make much of a difference to me since I usually don’t work Mondays anyway, except that my kids will be home from school on Monday – all of next week, in fact – and so I have the opportunity that day to plan some family time. (I have to say, though, that I cherish my solitude on Mondays, so it was a deliberate shift in mindset to see it as an opportunity rather than as a drag to give up me time for family time. I insist that that does not make me a bad mom, just someone who values her alone time.) It is Family Day, after all.

It’s Friday night and I want to really dig in and enjoy the weekend, so I thought I’d take a few moments to set out what I want to feel this weekend and what I want to do this weekend to get there.

How do I want to feel? I want to feel calm and refreshed this weekend. The refreshed may not happen immediately, but that’s what I’m working toward.

How do I get there?

Do things that bring me joy

  1. practice yoga (in a quiet space, not with my family running around)
  2. reading (but not too much, otherwise I start to feel sluggish)
  3. drink some yummy tea
  4. light candles
  5. take a hot bath
  6. listen to music that matches the mood I want to embrace
  7. drink cold water with fruit in it (it feels like I’m at an upscale hotel)
  8. eat some good chocolate
  9. bake cookies
  10. write
  11. watch a fun movie
  12. take a nap
  13. listen to my body and mind and choose what feels right

Do things that will help me move forward in my life

  1. spend time working through the Positive Parenting Solutions course
  2. match up my work VISA receipts to the VISA statements
  3. lift weights
  4. cardio (ride the stationary bike)
  5. review our spending for the week
  6. spend time daily decluttering
  7. review my 2015 non-resolutions

Practice some healthy habits

  1. eat breakfast mindfully
  2. get my workout in first thing
  3. set my daily most important tasks
  4. designate several hours to unplug completely (no computer, no cell phone, no TV)

Spend time with my family

  1. watch a movie with my husband
  2. learn a card game together
  3. play a board game
  4. read to the kids before bed
  5. take each kid out for a meal or “coffee”
  6. bake together
  7. prepare a meal together
  8. go out to eat a meal together

Prepare for the week ahead

  1. do some laundry
  2. meal plan and grocery list
  3. plan my workouts
  4. go through some of the life coaching-type worksheets I’ve found
  5. set aside healthy snacks for at work

This is not a weekend bucket list or to-do list. Rather, it’s a set of activities to guide me to the feelings of calm and refreshed that I am intending for myself. It’s a collection of activities that I’ve mentally accumulated over the years that are best practices for living a good life.

What do you do to you enjoy your weekends to the fullest?


2 thoughts on “Not Another Bucket List: A Guide to a Weekend of Living

  1. Jolene ( says:

    On weekends we always make a nice, big breakfast, and enjoy good conversation while we eat, and drink a few cups of coffee. We usually watch shows or a movie together, I’ll blog while Christopher drums or plays bass, and then we always cook dinner together (or go out if we are out of town, or have plans). Our weekends are usually pretty laid-back and snugly. We are out of town a lot too.


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