Practicing Workout Consistency

Practice Workout Consistency - mostlyfitmom.comYesterday was a low energy day. I woke up early, got my workout gear on, wrapped myself in blankets, and sat on the couch until everyone else got up hours later. I watched TV until it was too late to do anything else and took my daughter to hockey practice. After a quick lunch courtesy of a stop at Safeway, I just kept eating even though I wasn’t hungry, until I realized what I really was was tired and looking for energy. I laid down for a nap and drifted in and out of sleep, occasionally woken by my kids checking in on me and the noises they made downstairs. I awoke feeling only marginally more rested and even more sluggish. Again I looked to snacks for a boost and it didn’t work. The end result was that I ended up feeling ashamed of my lack of will power, because I knew exactly what I was doing as I was mindlessly directing Date and Walnut Mini Crisps into my mouth.

I had to snap out of it. I followed my own advice and got ready to work out. Redemption would be in the form of the stationary bike followed by yoga. I turned away from the TV, cranked some music to get into the mood, got back into my workout gear,  filled my water bottle, and got my sweat on. It didn’t hurt that I got to watch the new episode of The Walking Dead that I’ve been waiting for since last year while I pedaled.

I’ve said it before, and I’m sure I’ll say it again: consistency is a struggle for me and it’s totally mental. Mental, as in crazy that I can recognize my consistency struggle and still struggle so much, and mental, as in it’s all about my mindset.

Changing my mindset is possible. I know that. I have done it in other areas of my life, so why not with my energy levels and workouts? Over the remaining weeks of winter, when I know that my energy levels will need a little help, I am going to consciously shift my thoughts from, “I’m so tired and don’t have any energy” to “Moving my body gives me energy” and “Listening to music gives me a boost.”


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