Weekend Prep: 6 Ways I’m Taking Care of Myself for More Weekend Energy

I have been wanting to escape.

That feeling is a sign that I’m actually feeling overwhelmed. I’ve been trying to “get organized” to deal with the overwhelment but it’s not working so far. Probably because my running to-do list has about 60 items on it. Not good. I don’t mean that having 60 to-do items is a bad thing, but getting hung up on having 60 things to do is, well, not getting me anywhere, beyond feeling overwhelmed.

Tonight, in order to get myself into a better headspace, I’m going to a few easy things to get me mentally ready for the weekend. First, I’m going to do a quick and dirty list of all of the items running through my mind so that they’re down on paper and I can quit reminding myself about them. Second, I’m going to practice some yoga to help me wind down and get ready for bed. I found a list of 5 asanas that I can do in bed, which is perfect, here. Next, I will get into bed and think of the things that I am grateful for from today. I’ll also think about what I want to accomplish in my sleep (restore my body, recover after a stressful week, etc.) and “pre-pave” (as my life coach says), or set my intentions for, tomorrow. Finally, I will sleep all through the night and wake all refreshed and ready for the weekend.


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