Hot Yoga for Me

I didn’t run yesterday. It was cold and I didn’t go out. My right foot and left hip have been nagging at me since my last run, and yoga seemed the better choice. Not the consistency I wanted to start the year off with, but it was the right choice. I did more yoga today and my foot and hip both are feeling better, so I’m planning a run tomorrow. I am considering jumping on the treadmill, though, even though I hate it, because I think the cold is making my gait funny and contributing to my issues. We’ll see. The forecasted high for tomorrow is -15 degrees, with the wind chill making it feel like -23. Not so cold, but cold enough.

To counteract the wicked cold, I tried hot yoga – really hot yoga – for the first time this weekend. I tried out a yin class, which I can’t say I enjoyed much, yesterday, and then a “Moksha” class today, which I did like. I wouldn’t say I’m in love with hot yoga, but it was good to try something different.


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