Girl Crushing and 30 Days of Yoga

When I had bronchitis for a month last year, I fell in love with Adriene from Yoga with Adriene. I was sick for so long, and my body felt so terrible, so I turned to the internet for yoga I could do while I was sick, and ta-da, I found Yoga for When You Are Sick. Exactly what I was looking for.

I don’t know Adriene, but I wish that I did and, somehow, feel that I kind of do. She is charming, relaxed, and swears the perfect amount. Girl crush! Naturally, when she announced 30 Days of Yoga videos starting January 1st, 2015, I was in and signed up.

Since January 1st, I have practiced yoga daily. Amazingly, my back is starting to feel uncrumpled, I can lift my hands off my butt when I clasp them behind me, and I am cultivating the awareness of my body that I’ve been neglecting so long. I am learning to make each practice my own and to listen to what my body is telling me – I’ve been ignoring it for awhile now.

Are there any changes you’ve made in 2015? How are you feeling about the results?


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