Running Cold

Things I learned on yesterday’s run:

1. When the wind chill takes temperatures into the minus 30s (Celcius), pants that block the wind are a must. Unfortunately, I don’t own wind pants, so around the halfway mark, I deemed it necessary to add a layer and popped into my house and grabbed a third layer of bottoms (my favourite pair of yoga capris), adding that on top of my two pairs of running tights. Definitely need to do some shopping for wind-blocking bottoms. Capris are not a great look.

2. It’s really difficult to de-ice your lashes when you’re outside in such cold temperatures. I basically had to wait until I came inside and the ice melted enough for me to pull the frosty chunks off my lashes.

3. I love to be outside when the sun is setting, even when it is bitterly cold. The gorgeous colours of the sky as the sun goes down are always a great reminder to be in the moment and focus on the here and now, rather than on the million things that like to pop into my brain.

4. When it’s cold enough, like yesterday, my legs go numb and I really have to focus on my gait and how I place my feet on the ground. I think new outer gear for my legs has potential to help me out here so that I can still feel my butt by the end of a workout. Otherwise, I have to consider whether or not I should be on the treadmill (yuck) instead in order to ensure I’m not moving in such a way as to cause myself injury.

Do you run in the cold? Any favourite gear?


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