My Running Affirmation: I Love to Run in the Cold

I got back from a week and a half in Arizona yesterday, took today off rather than jumping into work so that I could get settled into my week, and now I’m busy avoiding going out for a walk/run. Why, you might ask? Well, getting back into running is what I’ve been saying I want to do, and I have a plan all laid out, but it’s currently -20 and feels like -31. Yuck. Not Arizona weather, that’s for damn sure, and it’s wasn’t even that warm in AZ while we were there. Running was a lot more…palatable when it involved heading out into the balmy winter temperatures of the Sonoran desert.

Sadly, I know that in order for me to be a runner once again, I have to actually run and not simply talk about it. I say sadly because who wants to face sub-30 degree wind chills? Gross.

The reality is that it is f*cking cold out there – not to put too fine a point on it – and if I run, I will have to be all bundled up and my feet will get cold and my lashes will frost up and stick together and I’ll have to go slowly so that I don’t wipe out or twist an ankle or something. And once I’m done, I feel feel great about being a bad ass, running outside in this weather and doing something about running, other than just talking about running. So that’s the upside.

Now that I’ve sorted that all out on paper (er, you know what I mean), I’ve nothing left to do but dig out a couple of pairs of running tights and gear up for an afternoon workout. I will blast a playlist, cover up everything but my eyes, smile, and repeat to myself, “I love to run in the cold.”


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