6 Intentions for My Holiday Season

It was my birthday yesterday. It was not really what I was hoping my birthday was going to be – early morning to take my daughter to hockey, my husband having to leave my birthday lunch early to deal with a renter, leftovers for supper. If I had been really concerned about my activities for the day, though, I suppose I would have put together a detailed agenda.

It’s now December, which means that the Christmas Countdown tradition I started for my kids a few years ago begins today. We’ll be decorating our Christmas tree, which we put up a couple of days ago. Strangely enough, more of the lights on our pre-lit Costco beauty seem to be working than last year. I’ll take it.

December means a full schedule, holiday parties, sugary treats, lights and decorations, carols playing, and generally thinking I should be doing MORE. I am not alone in this, I know. Rushing is not the way I want to start my 40th year, so this December, I am consciously focusing on:

  1. being present in the moment
  2. simplifying my plans
  3. accepting the changes to my plans as they arise (because they will arise)
  4. being grateful, and encouraging my family to be grateful
  5. practicing self-care to keep me healthy throughout the holiday season
  6. listening to my body and resting when I need to

What’s your December looking like?


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