Getting Organized for Halloween

Today is Halloween, one of my favourite days of the year. I am a horror movie, scary book, spooky story lover from way back, so for me, Halloween ranks right up there with Christmas. I wish I could tell you that I’m making witch finger cookies and am already decked out in my costume, but I’m actually waiting for a webinar to start and killing some time by doing what I love to do when my life is in a state of overwhelment: I’m going to write and make some lists in an effort to bring some sense of order to my life.

Update: I finished my webinar and am moving on with my day.

I took the day off from work today because as of last week I didn’t have any patients who wanted to book in on Halloween. (And they say Halloween is for kids…) Since two of my employees have kids, they were up for taking the day off, because we all know that getting ready for trick-or-treating takes time and can get crazy, what with the kids so excited to gather up all of that candy. What complicates things in my climate (Saskatoon) is that any trick-or-treating must be done in winter gear: boots, gloves/mitts, toque. Getting all of the extras over and under the costume tends to be quite a challenge and surprisingly time-consuming. Even though we’ve managed to make it to the end of October without snow, I want my kids to be warm, but I also want people to be able to see their costumes. I am not always successful in meeting those particular goals. Usually, they look like Canadian kids in winter gear with funny headwear (ninja masks, crowns, etc.) and smeared makeup.

I also try to get a family picture before the kids head out the door with their pillowcases in hand, and then there’s making my kids eat supper before they head out the door to race from house to house for goodies. Our tradition has become having mummy hot dogs for supper on Halloween (easy, kid-friendly, definitely not healthy), raw veggies on the side. My kids consider mummy hot dogs fun and junk food-y enough that they usually power through their meal pretty quickly.

In addition to preparing the kids for their evening of candy collecting, I will be dressing up, as is my tradition. This year, I grabbed “Day of the Dead” accessories from Target and plan to do my makeup something like this: It’s going to be fantastic!

The rest of today’s checklist:

  • 20 min walk, yoga, lift weights
  • shower
  • cut up veggies (carrots and celery)
  • prepare mummy dogs
  • do some work on notes for work
  • get out containers for the kids’ candy so they’re ready to go
  • pick up the kids from school
  • cook supper
  • take a family picture
  • have hot chocolate ready for the kids after they’re done trick-or-treating

My pie-in-the-sky, would love to do today list:

  • a couple of loads of laundry (one’s just about to get tossed into the dryer)
  • clean up the kitchen (it has been taken over by Halloween gear and random papers)
  • take a picture of the mantel I put together for Halloween
  • watch a scary movie
  • writing (I’m working on the synopsis of a zombie novel, my first attempt at writing fiction since English class in high school)

My weekend list:

  • buy myself some new skates, a helmet, and hockey gloves so I can help out with my daughter’s hockey team
  • take the kids to a couple of hockey practices
  • attend a couple of parties tomorrow night (well, I’m thinking I’ll be going to just the one, because I’m not fully recovered from my cold/bronchitis and I don’t want to end up sick again)
  • take down Halloween decorations and store
  • set up a dedicated space for Christmas planning, wrapping, etc.
  • clean off 1 shelf in the pantry

I’m mostly recovered from my bout of bronchitis. Wednesday was probably the first day I felt like myself in two and a half weeks. I still have a nasty-sounding cough, but it is slowly improving. I’m hacking up some nasty stuff from my lungs, though. I can not imagine what it would be like to be a smoker, because I’m sure it would be even worse than the gunk I’m coughing up.

Do you have any favourite scary movies or books that you enjoy at this time of year?


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