Insomniatic Drivel

Couldn’t sleep last night. Have been up since 3:30am, and have been watching Mad Men (though not since 3:30am – more like 5am). I’m in Season 4, in case you’re wondering. And, yes, I also know that you’re not supposed to watch TV when you have insomnia.

I used to be a great sleeper, but now I’m not. Too many things on my mind, I suppose. This balance stuff is bogus. Also, we need a new mattress, since the one we have dates back to when I moved out on my own in the fall of 1993. Jeez, when you put that in black and white, it sounds like a long time ago, doesn’t it?

It’s 7:30am and it’s time to get ready for work. Luckily, it’s a light day patient-wise. Maybe I can get a light nap in this morning. Or a walk. A walk would probably pay off more in terms of my sleep quality tonight. Must pack my runners and take them to work with me.

There’s something about a lack of sleep that puts me on edge. I’m talking beyond simply being tired. There’s that weird, tight, winding feeling that you get in your stomach – or I do, anyway. Maybe that’s not the lack of sleep; maybe that’s what’s keeping me up.

Must get going. Kids need to be dropped off at school and I have to find my runners…



One thought on “Insomniatic Drivel

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