First Day Madness

First full day of school today. Got into an argument with a woman who decided that it is okay to back out from her driveway onto the street while people are driving by on the street. Apparently, I was in the wrong for honking because she saw me (and I should have known that) and I just needed to be patient. HuFirst Day of Schoolh? Pretty sure I have the right of way if I’m driving on the street.

Got the kids settled into their classrooms and had gifts for their teachers: chocolate and Starbucks cards. Got the idea from pinterest, of course. Miss Lovie has some great free printables that you SO need to check out here. Nothing wrong with trying to suck up to the teacher on the first day, is there? LOL

Chatted with some parents I know, figured out who we know in our kids classes (friends are good), and I then helped out a lady who couldn’t remember where she was parked in the confusion of the morning. It was pretty crazy, I have to say.

Got home, decided against my run because in all the running around, I still hadn’t had breakfast. I can roll out of bed and go for a half an hour run, but 2 1/2 hours of errands and morning madness had depleted my energy and I know I’d end up with a migraine if I went for a run without properly fueling. So now I’m listening to some peppy music, paying bills, and getting ready to head into work.

Are you, or were you as a kid, a fan of the first day of school?


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