Spring Fever: Bitten by the Organization Bug

I conquered the fever and chills of last week, but I have a headache that keeps coming back. Grrr. I feel like it’s a sinus/tension combo, but that’s a total guess.

Now that I’m feeling better and the temperatures have climbed to near freezing (we actually were melting around here for a week or so before sub-zero winter weather returned), I’m finding that I’m getting some energy back and I’m feeling motivated to work on some organizing around here.

My husband has the organization bug, too, and has been working on some built-in shelving in our mudroom. The guy has been putting it off for over 5 years, but let me tell you, it is looking pretty amazing so far. See?

Mudroom 1 Can’t wait! For now, we’ve got bins and jackets hanging out in the hallway and front room and the clutter is driving us nuts.

I’ve also been working on our pantry, and I’ve been struggling with our office and storage for my daughter’s craft staff. We don’t use our office for much beyond a dumping ground, and so we find ourselves with piles of paper on our dining room table because the papers don’t make it to the office. Not so convenient when asking the kids to set the table.

I think I’ll head to Target tomorrow and pick up a couple of wall folders I’ve been eying for awhile, and then to Indigo, where there I saw some very sleek aqua inboxes by Toppin. We’ll see if I can’t make a dent in the stacks on the table.

Do you feel the urge to start spring cleaning once the weather starts improving?




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