Keep Calm and Love Sleep: Fighting My Bad Sleep Habits

Found this on Pinterest

Found this on Pinterest

I haven’t been sleeping well lately. I think it’s a combo of things: my left hip has been bothering me, the Olympics were on and I would stay up late watching, my daughter hasn’t been sleeping well and crawled in once and slept on the floor another night, my husband hasn’t been sleeping well, and I was sick with some sort of terrible stomach bug last week. Once I fall into bad sleep habits, I find difficult to get back into a good routine and get the rest I need. It’s sure been making it hard to get up in the morning and I’ve been feeling sluggish during the day. Tonight, I walked on the treadmill, did some yoga, I’m about to brew some Mother’s Little Helper, and the only caffeine I had today was in the morning in the form of Cinnamon Heart tea.

I thought it might be helpful to post a few sleep-related links, just in case you’ve been having sleep troubles, too.

How to Sleep Better

How to Sleep Better and Have More Energy

How Can I Sleep Through the Night

What’s your go-to when you are having trouble sleeping?



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