All Over the Place

I’m (still) feeling fired up to stick to my goals for 2014 – pretty surprising given that it’s nearing the end of January. I’ve been reading a couple of parenting books, reading a book on rehabbing my plantar fascia and my ITB, keeping a daily gratitude journal, and working on losing the 4lbs I gained over the holidays. I’m also in the process of planning my daughter’s 8th birthday and working on cleaning up around the house (including putting away Christmas decorations), since we’ve been away every weekend but one since before Christmas.

I’m feeling a little bit all over the place, but I’m pretty sure that I like it that way or else I would start narrowing my focus. Here’s a sampling of what I’ve had on my mind lately:

45 Easy Ways to Lose One Pound A Week

Wall decor for my daughter’s birthday party, from Pinterest (not sure what the original source is). I’m going to do it in aqua, pink, and gold.

Sochi 2014 is coming up, so I’ve been checking out info on the Canadian team and coverage of the Games.

A Free-Range Kids post about a woman who was scolded for baking cookies (you have to read the article for it to make sense)

Have you come across anything great lately?




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