Day 24 of 30: Grey Cup Sunday, or the Biggest Party Regina has Ever Seen

Go Riders

Me at work on Friday. Our province’s premier declared it Green Day, but almost everyone would have been wearing Rider gear anyway.

Today, the Saskatchewan Roughriders are playing in the Grey Cup. That alone is enough for this entire province to get crazy about. But the Riders are not only in the Grey Cup, they’re also playing in what will be the most insane home game this province has ever seen. It’ll be Rider Nation to the max.

If you’re not from here, and especially if you’re not familiar with the CFL, you may not really get what I’m talking about. If you’re interested, though, check out this article by Bruce Arthur.

Rider fans bleed green, wear watermelons on our heads (well, not me), and endure -20 degree weather and colder (and that is Celcius) to support our team. We are ridiculous about our quarterbacks, refer to ourselves as the team’s 13th man, and have won only 3 Grey Cups in our 100+ year history. We have remained fans during some rough years, where wins were often due to a whole lot of field goals and no one wanted to pay to go watch the Riders lose. Rider Pride is passed from one generation to the next, and everyone seems to have some green gear tucked away in their closets or drawers.

Rider fans may not always keep it classy – not condoning, just telling it like it is – but we are are proud of our team.

At 5:00pm, Grey Cup 101 begins. If our Riders don’t win, this province will explode; if we do win, this province will explode, but in a different way. In any case, I will be planted in front of my TV as I watch what I can only describe as an historic event. GO RIDERS!


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