Day 16 of 30: A Day at the Rink

This week was long and hard. I didn’t sleep enough, workout enough, drink enough water, or track what I ate. Today, even though I really wanted to sleep in, I set my alarm and got up and worked out because I knew that I wouldn’t have time later today. We’re out of town today for my son’s first hockey tournament of the season, and then our neighbours are hosting a small party tonight, so I knew I wouldn’t fit in a workout later.

Hanging out at the rink is a pretty common Saskatchewan experience, particularly if you live in a small town – we don’t, but my husband and I grew up I’m small towns. This season, my son’s team has four tournaments lined up, with one of them being an all weekend, out of town thing. Luckily, the other parents with this team are awesome. Rink time is definitely social time. Makes the whole hockey parent experience more pleasant.
Rink food is generally not healthy, even though rink burgers are totally The Best. I should really get organized and start packing healthy snacks and a water bottle, but lately, we haven’t even been grocery shopping for over a week, so I didn’t have much in the way to bring along today. Next tournament is December 8th. I’ll have to put a reminder in my calendar.
What are you doing this weekend?


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