Day 5 of 30: A Little More Yoga

The sore throat is nagging again tonight. I’m treating it with herbal tea and going to bed right away. I did not sleep well last night. My daughter, who’s 7 years old and likes to cuddle when she has bad dreams, crawled in with me around 5am this morning.and disrupted the rest of my night. She likes to hog the blankets and bed, so I ended up cold and shivering and nearly falling out the the bed before I shoved her over and got myself an extra blanket. Let’s hope tonight’s sleep is better.

Decided to get some yoga in tonight because I didn’t have the energy for much more than that and I’ve got a kink in my neck. Not sure the yoga helped that much, but my hips feel better.

Was short on water today, but did take my acidophilus and vitamin D. Have not food journaled yet, but plan to before I go to bed. Got a workout in, too. I’m working out tomorrow morning, and then I’m working out with my trainer Thursday night. Friday will be either a cardio or yoga day, and then I’ll lift some weights Saturday. I’m thinking yoga or cardio on Sunday – maybe both. What do you do when you have a sore throat?




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