Day 2 of 30: Consistency Will be the Key

My workout today was on the stationary bike. 5 minute warmup, 20 minutes at a moderate/hard pace, 5 minute cooldown.

I drank enough water, took my Vitamin D and acidiophilus, and recorded what I ate.

I have trouble with consistency, so meeting my goals two days in a row is…a good thing.

Tomorrow, I’ll be working out with a personal trainer, unless she has to reschedule due to her work. That will be three days in a row, which is a streak. Whether or not my personal trainer shows up, I will be working out tomorrow afternoon. I won’t leave it until 10pm like I did tonight.

Consistency is not really exciting, but it is important. Without consistency, I won’t get fitter and I’ll be kicking myself later for failing to meet my goals. I know the occasional slip-up is normal and I have to prepare myself for that. I know that I will disappoint myself and I will have to get past that feeling and the associated shame and get back to healthy living right away. I know this because I have disappointed myself over and over again over the last twenty years, and I have convinced myself, I think, that I can’t make a healthy lifestyle and weight loss permanent. Consistency may be the only way to change the belief I have that I can’t change.




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