10 Things Tuesday: All About Me

I promise I will eventually write about The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror 10 Miler, which I walked/ran at the beginning of October, but my photos are not handy, so I thought I’d quickly type up a different post while I had a bit of time at work.

Today’s post is all about me, because what’s easier than putting together a list?

1. I love Halloween. LOVE. I am also a big fan of the Christmas season.

2. I am an introvert, not stuck-up.

3. I have very few friends, but lots of acquaintances. I don’t find it easy to make friends, either (probably related to 2 above).

4. Starches and sweets are my eating downfall. I love chocolate and bread, and I’m a fantastic baker.

5. I’m a nerd and wish I could convince everyone to play board games with me (hmmm, this may also explain 3 above – haha). My favourite games right now are Settlers of Catan and Pandemic.

6. I love the way I feel after I workout, but have a terribly hard time motivating myself to workout.

7. My two favourite running songs are Hot Tottie by Usher and Kickstart My Heart by Motley Crue.

8. I love 80’s music. And 80’s movies.

9. I am a total makeup junkie and love colourful, sparkly eyeshadows, even though at 37 I should probably be sticking mostly to matte.

10. Traveling is one of my favourite things, but is also why my vehicle is 10 years old. I have a dream of taking a year off in about 5 years to travel around the world with my family.

Are you a Halloween lover?


3 thoughts on “10 Things Tuesday: All About Me

  1. Terzah says:

    I think we might be the same person, except for 7 and 9 (nothing against your songs–mine are just different–and I think I was meant to live in CO because it’s the least made-up state in the Union). It takes me years to develop close friendships.


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