On Beginning

I often have so many things running through my head that I have a hard time relaxing. I realize that this relates to the fact that I am rather Type A, and also to the fact that, like so many people I know, I am balancing multiple roles: mom, wife, dentist/health care provider, business owner, sister, daughter, friend, boss, etc.  It feels like a lot to sort out and I often feel completely overwhelmed by my to-do list, especially since I want to do everything and do it really well, though that is a completely unrealistic expectation. I recognize that I can’t have it all – no one can, though some may seem to. Rather, I have to choose what my priorities are and learn to let go of the rest.

This is often easier said than done, unfortunately, but in order for me to manage my stress, I’m going to have to be realistic about what I can tackle, especially over a short time frame. At the same time, when I have a arm’s-length to-do list, I feel bad about myself if I don’t at least make some progress in crossing items off. What’s a girl to do?

begin_angiewarren_sunflowerI’m sure there are a few books out there that I could read about stress management, time management, and work/life balance, and I might get to a few someday, but today, I was inspired by the poster to the left, which is available as a free download from Paper Coterie here. It was created by Angie Warren and it gets to to heart of what I’m feeling these days. I need to stop overthinking everything and start doing what I feel is important.

Spring is a really great time for me to start living and feeling rather than letting the same thoughts run through my mind over and over. My mind has been crowded by “send out birthday invitations” and “buy paper plates” and “rent a car for Hawaii” and “book a bikini wax.” I want to start getting organized rather than just thinking about getting organized. I can make all of the lists I want to, but if I lose those lists or spend hours worrying that I should start by organizing the basement storage room rather than the office, then what’s the point?

As part of this desire to focus on living and feeling, I’ve recently started a new blog over at www.mfmhappinessproject.wordpress.com. I was inspired by the book The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin, though I’m putting my own spin on it so that it doesn’t feel overwhelming. In a couple of days, I’m putting together 5 resolutions for April 13th-May 12th, and organizing will be part of that, but I think 1 of my resolutions will have to relate to Being Myself and letting go of the pressure I put on myself to do everything.

You’re probably wondering why on earth I would create another blog when I’m not exactly blogging regularly here. Isn’t that just another item to add to my pile of to-dos? Honestly, I blog for myself, mostly as on online journal, though I enjoy reading the comments I get and love some of the suggestions I’ve received from readers. In addition, writing helps be sort out my thoughts and the blog format allows me to store everything online rather than cluttering up my space with paper (I have enough of that already). I may not blog frequently, but I do enjoy the time I spend mulling over my life as I put together a post.

Have you read The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin? How do you de-stress?

P.S. Yesterday, I ate really well, ran/walked over lunch, lifted weights in the evening, and got a short yoga sesh in. Feeling sore and tired today, but in a good way, and I feel really proud of myself for having a great day yesterday.


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