Falling Off the Wagon

Let It GoI was doing really well with eating and working out for a couple of weeks, and then halfway through last week, I hit a wall. I couldn’t seem to dig deep enough to convince myself to workout and I ate way too much (and way too much sugar) over the weekend. I’ve been beating myself up about it and decided I needed to LET IT GO.

While I’m willing to let it go and move forward, I do recognize that lack of consistency is a big thing for me. As in, it’s consistently a problem for me (see the irony there?). I have been struggling with it for years…actually, a couple of decades, if I’m perfectly honest. I guess the good thing is that I haven’t completely given up on trying to be healthier; I just happen to fall off the wagon a lot. I did get back on today and went outside for a short walk/run. To be clear, I’ve still got nagging ITB and SI issues, but despite the snow and cold that we’re still living with around here, I needed to get out into the sunshine and get running, because running makes me a happier person.

Tonight, I’m lifting weights and getting some yoga in. Tomorrow, I’m planning to do some cardio and yoga. Thursday, it’ll be the weights, yoga, and intervals. Friday = cardio. Saturday will be weights, cardio, and yoga. Sunday, I plan to take it easy and maybe do some yoga.

If anyone has a strategy for maintaining motivation long-term, I’m all ears! Note: I’m probably not talking to you if you’ve always found it easy to be active and eat healthfully, as I’m totally jealous of you 🙂


2 thoughts on “Falling Off the Wagon

  1. Terzah says:

    I wish I had some good advice. Working out isn’t a problem for me, but staying on any kind of healthy eating plan is. I *always* backslide. I think the difference is I have a goal for my runs…but eating is just secondary, and the rules/methods of healthy eating never change like athletic goals can and do….and healthy eating bores me! Sigh.


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