Project MIMAB: Target Sighted

It’s Christmas Eve. I’m sitting on my couch, making a list of things to do today, and thought I’d take a time-out to gather my thoughts, because the house is still quiet and dark and it seemed appropriate.

Project MIMAB went fairly well. It didn’t always go perfectly, but gingerbread houses were decorated, halls were decked, and our house felt really….Christmas-y.

The past week and a half has been a bit of a scramble, with Christmas parties with the kids’ hockey teams, my Christmas party, my husband’s family’s Christmas celebration, a small get-together I hosted for my dental school friends, finishing up the Christmas shopping (stocking stuffers and the gifts that my husband was responsible for buying and left till the last minute – happens most years, but he’s in denial about it). Yoga has fallen off the radar again and there has been consumption of entirely too many chocolates and cookies (but exactly the right amount of sangria – haha). My body feels it.  I also got to be the Grinch last week and fired someone – had to be done, but I still felt terrible about it. “You’re a mean one” has been running through my head…

Today, though, the preparations for Christmas 2012 are almost complete. We’re doing the last bits of wrapping later, dropping off cookies and cards to friends, and tonight we’ll each open a gift, read The Night Before Christmas, and enjoy time together with my parents. What didn’t get done? Christmas cards have yet to be sent out. Anything else that hasn’t been accomplished is going to be wiped off the to-do list and the to-do list will be rebooted.

For me, tomorrow will be all about spending time with family and relaxing after a challenging year. My husband and I will make a Christmas breakfast/brunch, we’ll lounge around in our matching pj’s, and Scrooged may just find its way into the DVD player. Seems pretty perfect to me.


What will tomorrow look like for you?



2 thoughts on “Project MIMAB: Target Sighted

  1. smmuconn says:

    Sounds like a perfect Christmas Eve to me. We do the same..Matching PJ’s, Night Before Christmas Reading, and good movies 🙂 I stumbled upon your blog. Consider me your newest follower.


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