Reverb 12: Day 6

The prompt for day 6 presented a challenge for me:

Intention: What were some of your mantras from 2012 and how did you come by them?  Will they remain the same for next year – if not, what new ones will you set?

My mantras from 2012:

  • during yoga: “peace”
  • a lot of the rest of the time: “get it done”
  • recently: “let it go”

How did I come by them?

The yoga mantra was repetition of what I heard on one of my DVDs (I usually put in Shiva Rea’s Daily Energy), and it seemed to be what popped into my head when practicing.

“Get it done” was just what I told myself when faced with less-than-savoury tasks, and there were a lot of those in the first half of the year. Sometimes you need to give yourself a mental kick in the butt, ya know? And that’s my go-to phrase.

“Let it go” is what I’ve been finding myself thinking when I start ruminating about how terrible school was. Even before this post I wrote as part of the Reverb 12 project, I recognized that it’s completely up to me to move on and get over the Bad Stuff that went down during dental school. As I’ve started deleting documents from my computer and trashing notes that I don’t need, I feel better and find it easier to let. it. go.

Will I change my mantras for the new year? Not sure. I’m liking “let it go” right now, and “get it done” is pretty useful in a whole lot of situations: work-related, housework-related, workout-related. I’ll hang on to those, and add during the year, as needed.

Now that it’s December, are you fully into the holiday season, or are you still easing into it? Or maybe you’re avoiding it altogether. Tonight I wrapped a pile of presents, as my family will be celebrating Christmas this weekend. My Christmas decorations are pretty much fully up and Christmas music is playing regularly around here. I watched one of my traditional holiday movies the other day (Die Hard) and the kids have enjoyed our holiday countdown.


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