Reverb 12: Day 5

Letting go: For next year, I’m letting go of…

the accumulated detritus of dental school.

My husband has been bugging me since the 2nd year of dental school to clean out the office, which we are, in theory, supposed to share. I have procrastinated dramatically. After 2nd year, I argued to him and to myself that there were notes I needed and I didn’t want to get rid of them but that I didn’t have enough time to properly sort through them. After 3rd year, I moved away to work for the summer, and I argued that I didn’t want to waste the time I had at home cleaning. After 4th year, I’ve argued that there’s so much accumulated material that cleaning out the office is overwhelming to even think about (true enough, though).

I have clearly procrastinated long enough and vow to myself to get rid of the notes, unneeded instruments, and questionably valuable textbooks I acquired over the four years I was in dental school. Those notes I think I will need, I will put in binders and take to work so that I can reference them when needed. If I don’t refer to them within a year, I’ll toss them. I’ve already moved most of my textbooks to my office, but I will do the same with the stragglers still littering the desktop.

The notes are what I really struggle with, because I do consider most of them useful. I have several classes worth on my computer, but I also have a collection of handwritten notes. I may just put them in a box and label them for destruction in one year from the storage date. If I haven’t referred to them within a twelve-month period, how useful can they be? I’ll always have textbooks and colleagues to refer to.

My hope is that, along with the mass of papers, I will be able to unload some of the bitterness I’ve fostered following the end of my dental training. Dental school was not a good experience for me. I didn’t blog about it much, but I had a professor who gave a few of us females a very difficult time in 2nd and 3rd year, and who eventually was no longer allowed to teach our class in 4th year. There was a lot of conflict within our small class, I spent a lot of time documenting incidents and dealing with both our college and the university, my stress levels went through the roof, and my studies suffered because of it.

I need to let this go, so that I can clear the path for better things.


3 thoughts on “Reverb 12: Day 5

  1. Kat says:

    Lady, I have been reading along with your reverbs and a few things…

    1. I am SO glad you are blogging regularly, even if it only ends up being just for this month! I missed you on the internets.
    2. Marcus has done the same sort of hoarding with his MBA notes only they all live in our garage, the time is near. We are all in this hoarding-thing together.



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